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Mojag cannot act like a pup all the time now. And she needs to learn this from someone. And you're gonna be this person. Good luck.
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Coucou toi ! Bienvenue sur ma petite page, où tu peux retrouver mes derniers dessins, me contacter via note ou juste traîner. Je dessine principalement des animaux canins, parfois des humains et autres créatures. Mes OCs sont mes bébés, je RP avec eux et j'adore ça <3 N'hésites pas à m'envoyer une note si tu veux des détails sur les commisions, un lien en rp ou juste pour discuter.

Hi you ! Welcome on my DA page, here you can take a look to my gallery, contact me or whatever.I draw my OCs, lot of dogs/wolf, humans and creatures sometimes. I love RP and if you want to RP with my OCs, a link or anything just send me a note. You can talk with me without being afraid, I love to make friends or just talk. Also, contact me for commisions, RP etc.
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Hi everyone ! I found this group (linked by a deviant who's part of the group actually) and I quickly fall in love with the specie ! These are some sort of dragons, but anyway I'd like to give this group a try, and maybe you guys might be interested ?
Also, go check HERE to get a free semi-custom, and HERE to get a random genotype.
Have fun guys, and don't hesitate to give this group a look !


.:TA:. | Elisabeth | ''Woof''

Coming back after a month, at school. AN HORRIBLE MONTH. But I'm so happy, it's OCTOBER.
And yeah, again, my style change. With my lovely Elisabeth <33 Here's a simple illustration of her in a cartoon style, I just love this ! 

REWARDS: 1 HALF RP Drawing = 4 Gold Cents | 40 Worship
.:ROTD:. | Mojag |Like Dog And Cat

AGAIN. Mojag (left) and Flash (right), I love these two babes <3 I love their interaction, the brother used to be so sure about himself and his capacities, sometimes annoying the female.
I tryed a new style and to be honest, I'm pretty comfortable with it. It's so simple, the lines comes so easily I don't even struggle to find a pose etc... YEAH MY STYLE CHANGE EVERY MONTH. So sad. BUT LET'S LOVE CARTOON !
OH. And I'll do the October meme soon, so prepare yourself to see my spooky ass doggo !

REWARDS: Large Illustrations = 3 Shards | Total: 3 Shards
.:ROTD:. | Mojag | Training [3/3]

Mojag and Flash belongs to :iconkiteproduction:

Last Mojag's training illustration ! So proud of her, just look at this doggo : Isn't she a proud sled dog ? With her brother of course, they just make a perfect pair <33 Going for their first travel, not alone of course, others dogs are coming : I just didn't draw them... Don't hit me D:

I didn't introduce Flash, except in Mojag's story of course. I'd like to make more art of them, together.
I forgot to recolor the line, but to be honest I'm too lazy to do it.
I'm really into sunset lately... Don't judge me, it feels so warm and relaxing, and those two deserve the best <33

REWARDS: +3 Shards | +3 Shards Bonus | Total: 6 Shards
.:ROTD:. | The Long Journey | Illustration

Capala belongs to :iconsummer-lynx:
Mojag belongs to :iconkiteproduction:
From this RP: The Long Journey

Okay, not my best piece but still proud of it, I didn't draw for a while now and I feel like I loose some habits and all... But well, I need to move and practice more, again !
I just loved doing this rp with the lovely Summer-Lynx <3 and I needed to illustrate these two together, they are like... Day and night. But I love that ! I hope I didn't fail Capala's design, he's lovely but it killed me. And Mojag looks so dumb.
REWARDS: +3 Shards | +1 Shard bonus | Total: +4 Shards
[Vedette x Elisabeth]

.:TA:. | Elisabeth | Medal by KiteProduction

The sun is already bright in the sky today, when Elisabeth got out of the Unproven area. Not her first time, of course, but today, she's not going to train or something
She's heading to the temple. For a long time, she hesitated, unsure of how the others would react to see this newcomer, who don't know anything about Zonje, in the temple ? But, who cares ? It won't be the best to stay in the ignorance longer, she need as much information as she can. She decided to let her pride aside, for the moment.
She walked in the "street", as fast as she can to reach the place. And once she get there, she immediatly get impressed.
It's way bigger than her tiny den in the Unproven area. She could barely break her neck trying to look at the ceiling. How tall can it be ?... 

Chasing away all her questions, she finally get into the temple, a very dark place, in comparison with the outside. The luminosity difference makes Elisabeth closing her eyes a little, but allows her to see more clearly the area. After that, the first thing to catch her attention is the smell. It reminded her of the desert's flower. 
Elisabeth started to walk along the temple's walls, making sure to not make to much noise. At this time, there's still some dogs here, praying or preparing some candles and other... Everything that could intrigue the newcomer. She stopped near to a big statue, maybe a representation of Zonje ? But how can she be sure... She didn't know a lot about Zonje, except he's a God, and he saved her life in the desert.
And that's why she's here now, to learn more about him. And, after listening to some advices - and conversations some dogs had together... - going to the temple seemed to be the best way to learn about the God. 

She inspected the temple, the dogs walking, praying. Finally, she decided to approach a little, white coated dog. Maybe she could be a Shaman... Or at least, inclined to help the newcomer.
"Hrm... Sorry ? " She cleared her throat. " Miss ? "
She standed up, looking at the dog. Staying respectful is really an exercice for Elisabeth.

Midday prayer had just ended and all of the Shamans were free to do as they wished. The small albino shaman, Vedette, parted from the group for she had decided to stay in the temple a bit longer. It was dark inside, but the darkness was not the least bit unnerving. There were a few lit candles nearby where she stood and she neared one wall of the temple where a small table stood. On it, a small incense holder stood and incense burned from its place on the stand. The scent was one that Vedette had come to favor over others that she had seen around the Following: lavender. She had a few sticks of incense at home, and she made a face as she remembered she was going to have to get more from the market later. She wasn't particularly fond of going to the marketplace. Too often she had been stepped on by clumsy giants. 

The sound of a female voice made Vedette turn and she looked up to see a large female standing behind her. It seemed that the female wanted to ask something of her, as many often did when Vedette was at the temple. Vedette immediately guessed what the female had come to ask about and she smiled up at the large female. A lot of curious young dogs came to the temple to learn about Zonje and the religion of the Following in general. It was good that they were open to learning, and Vedette always did all that she could to help. 

"It's quite alright, Miss. Is there something you require of me?"

The white dog turned around, and actually seemed inclined to help Elisabeth, as her question suggested it. Something that makes the thing really easier to the cream female. Really happy to see the white female being so polite and nice to her, the cream one started to wag her tail and smile.

" Yep miss ! " She sat down, looking at the white female. " I guess you already noticed that, but I'm new here. And long story short, I don't know much about Zonje... " She stopped her explanations, of course she wasn't the first dog, the first Unproven, who come to the temple to learn more about the religion of the Following. The female should have seen a lot of dogs like Elisabeth before, of course, those who cares about the religion.

" I was wondering, ya know a Shaman, or someone else ? " She started to laugh a little. " I clearly need some advices ! " Knowing her ignorance could be an obstacle to interact with others, and to reach an higher rank, Elisabeth would do anything to learn more about Zonje. And of course, she's curious and lot of questions were already in her mind.

The young female had begun to explain what she needed help with, and it was just what Vedette had suspected: the female wanted to know more about Zonje. Who better to ask than Vedette, a shaman? 

"As a matter of fact, I myself am a shaman," Vedette answered and nodded her head toward the branding scar on her chest which proved her rank. "I'd be happy to help you. Is there anything specific you'd like to know?" 

Elisabeth's eyes expand when the white coated dog explained she actually IS a shaman. What a great day ! thought the cream female. She didn't even imagine she could meet a shaman so easily. " What, really ?! Oh miss, I have so many questions ya know ! " Excited by the idea of being able to talk with a shaman, the newcomer loses her calm for some seconds. But quickly, she remembered that she's not at a place like the market : But in the temple of Zonje. It's not time to act like a total savage dog...

" Well... Where to start... "
The Unproven tryed to sort all her questions, but there's too many. So, she starts with the most obvious one. " I... I'd love to know more about Zonje. I mean... Where does he come from ? What's his story ? " Deep inside, Elisabeth wasn't really comfortable with the idea of asking questions that simple. But, the truth is, she doesn't know anything about the God : Her parents, the entire pack she came from, weren't religious and never talked about Zonje. The first time she heard his name, she was nearly dying in the desert.

To clear the air, the tall female decided to introduce herself, and maybe to learn more about the shaman in return. 
" By the way, my name's Elisabeth ! " And so, she smiled again to the shaman.

The large female's wide eyed expression at Vedette revealing her shaman status made Vedette smile. If only everyone reacted that way! The excitement radiating from the female was infectious. Vedette had to stop herself from grinning like Sekhmet did in the middle of the night (Vedette caught her like that sometimes). 

The female seemed quite interested in Zonje, more so than Vedette had expected. Most dogs came in asking relatively simple and short questions like: "Who's Zonje?", "What does He do for us?", and the like. Never had anyone asked her to tell Zonje's story. 

"Ah, well I'll tell you all you'd like to know. Firstly, it's nice to meet you Miss Elisabeth, I am Vedette." Vedette sat next to the table where the incense stood and motioned with her paw for Elisabeth to also sit down. Once Elisabeth had taken a seat, Vedette continued, "To put it in least descriptive terms, Zonje is the Sun God, creator of the sun, and He rules over everything His light touches. He takes care of those who follow Him and punishes those who displease Him. Our belief in Him is what gives Him power, as He no longer allows those of his godly council down here." It was obvious that Vedette had recited the same thing countless times, and she hoped that how she was explaining wasn't too confusing. Sometimes she'd explain and dogs would make faces of almost complete bewilderment. Such things couldn't be understood and accepted by some, she supposed.

The cream female listened to every words Vedette said. It's kind of interesting, even if actually Elisabeth needed some times to understand everything, and of course believe in it. So, Zonje creates the sun ? She has already heard about it, after being saved in the desert, the dogs who took care of her told her something like that. Looking how the shaman explained it, the God is powerful, the most powerful in this world. 

" Does Zonje have some kinds of... Powers ? How can he take care of us ? Or punish us ?  " Elisabeth didn't know how to explain clearly what she was talking about. She understand the concept of power, when a dog is above an other one, he gives order and the others follow. It was like this when she lived in the desert. But, it's like Zonje has an other kind of power. " How can he do so many things ? I mean, he's not there physically ? " She seemed a little suspicious, but still decided to talk with the Shaman. The religion is just something totally new to her.

That's something that intrigued Elisabeth for a while now. Everyone said Zonje's the Sun God, but where is he ? How can he rules over everything like Vedette said, if he's not here ? This is a way different kind of power that the newcomer used to know. But obviously, she needed to learn more about it. And try to open her mind.

Vedette smiled at Elizabeth's curiousity, almost completely certain that the female would be a future shaman one day, or at least she hoped so. 

"Well," Vedette began, "as you know, the light is what lets what little plants that are here survive, and without the plants, the prey we eat would die, inevitably killing us all. His light is what keeps us alive, but at the same time, it can be what kills us. Dogs that do not follow Him can experience harm from the same thing that keeps us alive. The light can burn, cause blindness and blistering, just to name a few."

Elisabeth's third question caused Vedette to remember something Jax had told her when she had gone to speak with him on one occasion. She had wondered why, on her journey into the desert, that Zonje had given her signs rather than speak to her directly. At first, she had believed that maybe she was lesser than the other shamans and that she was the only one who had not been spoken to directly. Jax had reassured her that she was not lesser, and that everyone had their own unique experiences. 

She smiled up at Elisabeth, feeling almost as if she was speaking to her past self. Funny how things turned out that way. "Just because something is not here in the flesh does not mean that it does not exist or have power, Miss Elisabeth. There are forces in this world that transcend the limits of this world, and they are not things that you can see or touch. Things that drive dogs to do all kinds of things."

Listening carefully to the Shaman, slowly Elisabeth begins to understand more how the powers of Zonje works : When she was walking in the desert, alone and lost, the sun was burning her skin, it was like hundreds of scratches ripping her flesh. But, when the dogs who found her told her about Zonje, it was like the sun wasn't too bright : Enough to make her feel warm, but it didn't hurt anymore. Maybe her imagination, but she truely and deeply wanted to believe it. " I guess somehow, Zonje guide me to the Following, without being with me like you are, in a physical way. " This kind of discussion, about something so strange like the God, but also so intriguing, is making Elisabeth so curious. She thought about her life in the desert, before joining the pack : All the things she didn't knew, she never ever could have imagine. I've been so dumb and ignorant... ! She'll never let this happen again.

" There's a lot more to know than what I expected ! " But nothing to fear, she's reading to learn. " Miss Vedette, tell me more about Zonje ! " Due to a renewal of energy, the cream dog forgot about her maneers, but quickly tryed to correct it. " I mean, ya know... How can we please Zonje ? Or offend him ? I know there's some rituals -I think it's the right name- but is there some other ways ? " Elisabeth stopped talking for some seconds, but she prick up one's ears while asking the Shaman. " Is Zonje watching us right now ?! " Obviously, Zonje's presence seemed important to Elisabeth, as she's taking a look at the temple, moving her head quickly.

The small shaman nodded as the large female spoke. Zonje had led her to the Following, as He did every so often. It was brilliant that the female was understanding everything that Vedette had been saying, and Vedette was relieved she'd given a decent enough explanation. 

There was a lot to know, and certainly a lot still for even Vedette. Elisabeth was eager to learn, and it was becoming increasingly evident. What more was there to tell her? 

"There is blood sacrifice. It can be from prey or actual dogs, although most are more uncomfortable with the latter. I'll admit, I was uneasy about it at first, but I eventually came to realize that if it is what pleases Him then it must be done." Vedette paused to look towards the front of the temple due to having heard some mumbling in that direction, but she decided to pay it no mind. "To stay in His good graces, always stay faithful to Him and no other 'god' you may hear of. Do and say nothing that would mock Him." 

Elisabeth's last comment was amusing and Vedette made a show of looking around just for fun. Once her eyes had once again fell upon those of Elisabeth, she said, "Zonje watches over us all." 
.:TA:. | Faith

Vedette belongs to :iconirawolfeh:
Elisabeth belongs to :iconkiteproduction:

Elisabeth finally meet a shaman, and Vedette did a really great job as a teacher ! Eli' is loving you <3
Thank you again Ira, I really loved this rp !

Guess what. Now I have to illustrate it, because it's gonna be exhausting and I love to suffer. Stupid meh ;-;

REWARDS: 1 Completed RP = 4 Gold Cents | 40 Worship



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